Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I made this wreath for for the Winter 2014 issue of Altered Arts Magazine.  The theme was "All that Glitters".  This wreath was sprayed with glitter like crazy!  I also used glass glitter and glitter glue.  This wreath is a great recycling project because it is made with paper towel and toilet paper rolls. 

I used about 14 TP rolls and 5 PT rolls for this project. The first thing I did was run them through my Cuttlebug to flatten them.  Then, I cut them into 1" sections.  Because they are flattened, they make an oval shape.  I used a hoop that I've had for years as my shape to hot glue the ovals to.

 I glued them diagonally, and glued the end to the oval in front of it.  Here is the first row.

Then, you glue the ovals on the inside of the hoop in the same manner as the first row.  The outside second row is glued in between each oval but the end isn't glued down.  

I added yet another layer of ovals around he top and left side.  When all the ovals are on the hoop, spray paint your wreath.  It is the easiest way to color the rolls.  I finished the wreath with rolled paper flowers with tons of glitter on them and some gauze.  The buttons, resin pieces and hanger are from Melissa Frances

My wreath is proudly displayed on my front door.  When people come to the door they always tell me how pretty it is, and ask where I got it.  When I tell them it is made with toilet paper and paper towel rolls they are amazed!  I hope this inspires you to make something amazing!!


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