Saturday, February 15, 2014

a pocket-size, hand-bound art journal

Recently a friend challenged me to make a hand bound book to
swap with her--she's much more skilled than I, but she knows I love
making books, bless her!

Here is the 4 x 4 inch art-type journal made just for her:
It has a wrapped, repurposed suede cover,
a simple button closure,
and five stitched signatures.

Do you make your own books?  How about altering books?  Join us here
at the Altered Arts Magazine blog for Altered Book Month in March.

Have a wonderful Saturday,


  1. h how sweet Trisha, bet your friend was delighted! tactile and useful...perfecto!

  2. Thank you, Julia! That suede is sooo soft!

  3. Hello Miss Trisha, this book is absolutely beautiful and she will love it, it looks so soft, I love the style you used it awesome, thanks for sharing..

  4. I love the stitching and the suede! Beautiful book Trisha!