Monday, February 10, 2014

A Little Piece of my Heart - Melt Enamel Embellishments

Lea here with another technique just in time for Valentine's Day!!!  Create these lovely embellishments with a hot pot and embossing enamels.  Embossing enamels are thicker than regular embossing powders and are perfect for dimensional projects.

A hot pot works well with clear embossing enamels.  

Inks added to the clear enamels will create color.  Back in the day, I added mica powder colors to my clear enamel.  This not only added colors but a wonderful shine to the finished art.  We didn't have melt pots so we used clips, and a heat gun holder to heat the enamel from underneath first, then on top. Things are so much easier today!!!! 

Molds are used to create shapes or you can even use cookie cutters!  Suze Weinberg is the queen of everything enamels, and she inspired me to experiment and play with the enamels.  Molds are made for this purpose; there are molds for polymer clay, and even molds for candy and fondant baking elements.  
In addition, you can create your own molds!!!  Resins are popular, and there are compounds that are like putty so you can make molds from any charm or trinket laying around the house.

Another way to create embellishments is to put some clear enamel on a Teflon craft sheet.  Hold a heat tool 8 to 10 inches away (so not to blow the powder), and start to slowly melt the powder.  As it is melting add other EP (embossing powders), mica powders, little shards, or beads to the mix.  Keep adding more clear enamel on top.  Let dry.  Once dried, you can break pieces to use in your art.  If you have a flat mold sheet (for clay) or a stamp (inked with pigment ink), you can press that into the hot enamel before it hardens.  The result is so wonderful!!!  I save any broken shards to use as accents for future projects.

Here is how the melted enamels look melted in the pot.  It would look similar on the craft sheet.  I find the craft sheet is easier to add elements like beads to it, even charms.

This art is created by collaging on a scrap mat board.  A piece of paper is created with mica powders and webbing spray.  A molded element is then added, and then the scrap images.  Lastly, the key is added with the jump ring.

Experiment with this technique and see what you come up with.  Make batches of embellishments to have on hand for your next creative journey!!!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea


  1. I love this tutorial and the hearts you've created!!

  2. Great tutorial Lea! I love the shimmer of the embossing enamels! Guess I'll have to break out my melting pot and try it!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I love Enamel Embellishments!