Friday, June 13, 2014

Quick and Easy Altered Coaster Gift

 Happy Friday everyone! leslierahye here sharing with you a quick and easy gift idea that is perfect for everyone!! This is a post-it note pad holder. You can decorate them any way you desire, I will share with you the basics today for constructing them. You will need : cardboard coaster [or a 4×4" square piece of chipboard], book paper/music paper or your choice, a binder clip, inks and embellishments [for this I used Ranger Distress Ink and paper ribbon and buttons], an Emory board or sanding block, Plaid Mod Podge or other clear drying adhesive.

Begin by tearing paper and adhering it to the cardboard coaster. You could also just cut a 4×4" square to fit if you prefer. Once paper is adhered, run sanding block or file along edges to smooth them. Ink over the paper for a further aged look. Cut a piece of paper to fit your binder clip and adhere it to the clip...coat the top of the paper as well to seal the paper--this is the part of the project that will be handled a lot and you want to to have some protection.
Find the normal size post-it pads and place on your mini clipboard. Finish off the holder with your favorite embellishments--here I tied some paper string around the clip handle and added some buttons to dangle. Ribbon, string/twine, or bling would also be fun! The sky's the limit! Add a pencil or pen to your project and you have an easy gift to share with everyone!


  1. Fun idea Leslie! Very cute for gufts!

  2. Love the book pages for the background paper--what a fun gifty!


  3. Hey,The exciting things about Christmas are: sparkling lights, festive music, giving gifts, having time with the family, also cooler weather. - Oh and that's a great gift idea, I may have to do something similar this year!Thanks...