Monday, January 13, 2014

Arty Jerome, Arizona

By Cyndi Duncan

Blogger is new to me...not completely, but I will have to relearn it.  Bear with me as I relearn the program.  Our talented design team will be posting here as well, and they are much more blog-savvy than I.  :-)

Last year, actually a year ago last October, I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona after selling the Mailbox Muse to the owner of Altered Pages.  I went out to go over inventory and train her in how the business and website worked.  After spending time with her in Phoenix, I visited the Grand Canyon, Sedona and also some other fun spots.

I had the following post saved in draft mode on our former blog, but never got around to writing about the first part of the trip.  The whole trip was such a wonderful experience, and all the little arty jaunts I did so much fun, that I want to be sure to share them with you here....

Arizona - Last Day 

I ended my journey with a stop in Jerome, an arty community nestled on the side of a hill. was on the side of the hill.  Getting there was a little hairy as I had to traverse up several switchbacks.  I was glad I didn't have to go up it in the dark.

Looking down from Jerome
The view from Jerome

leather shop
The whole town was full of art galleries and shops.  This shop on the corner was a leather shop.

Another gallery


grand hotel
At the very top of the hill is the Jerome Grand Hotel.  I was told I should definitely eat dinner there at the Asylum restaurant. 

looking down from grand hotel
The view of Jerome from the the Grand Hotel.

This rusty vintage automobile was sitting in the parking lot of the Jerome Grand Hotel.  Loved it!

the asylum
I'm not sure if it is always decorated this way, but as I was visiting on October 23rd, the Asylum restaurant was totally decked out for Halloween.  The waiters/waitresses were in costume.  It was great.  I don't recall off-hand what I ate, but I do remember that it was good.


  1. This definitely looked like a fun trip!

    1. Wait until I post the pictures of Sedona. That was my favorite part. ~Cyndi

    The blog looks awesome!! And your trip looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Daniella - I've been doing this instead of some other things I was supposed to. LOL. But, now it is DONE! ~Cyndi

  3. The new blog looks great Cyndi! I'm sure it will be a wonderful resource for altered arts and more! I enjoy reading about your trip. It's always fun to learn about inspiring places to visit!